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Envetex is a leading local supplier and marketer of flow management solutions to vital industries such as oil and gas, power, water, Petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage. With a strong local presence, technological know-how and engineering expertise, backed by some of industry’s most trusted brands, we continue to be a top choice for businesses around the market territories.


  Chemical and Petrochemical

  We market and supply high quality and environmentally-friendly products and service solutions to meet the needs of the base chemical, petrochemical and fine chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

 Industrial Gas

  We provide solutions that help our customers enable industrial gas processing plants to produce the highest quality results with more efficiently, safely and reliably.


  Oil and Gas

  We deliver a wide range of products, services and quality flow control solutions for our customers’ upstream, midstream and downstream processes.


  When it comes to critical applications within the power industry, our experienced application and technical support teams assist in delivering solutions for our customers in coal, natural gas, renewable energy power generation.

 Pulp and Paper

  We serve the high engineered control and on/off valves to assist in pulp and paper processes from raw materials to the end products.


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