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Our “Specialist” service offering includes:

Accurate calibration and testing is essential for the safe and efficient operation of customers plant. Our service teams are  certified by regulatory authorities to deliver calibration, leakage and operational testing on a wide variety of industrial  products including valves, actuators, positioners and related equipment.

A shutdown is a complex, large operation demanding, specialized planning and proper execution. We take our high safety and quality standards seriously, and documents every step of procedure for reference and data collection. 

We have access to sophisticated diagnostic equipment, which allows us to check the integrity of critical equipment and to help customers assess the condition and performance of valves and control devices which may need repair and attention. This service helps to ensure customer's plant is kept safe whilst allowing for essential routine maintenance to be planned and scheduled.

We offer services to refurbish, replace or modernize customers field devices. Together we will examine customers field devices and parts, and define the best solution for our customers. Even if customers equipment has reached the obsolete phase, we can execute a set of actions to modernize customers field device and return it to full support.

We guarantees high quality in all our spare devices and parts, and we strive to always have the latest design to meet original specifications. Wit our products, customers are guaranteed the same warranty as a new product if customers use our genuine original spare parts and maintenance services.  

To minimize customers inventory for critical devices and specific spare parts, our stock availability is prompt to serve as per the customer demand.

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